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Shalya Tanthra (Ayurvedic Surgery)

The best care in Ayurvedic Surgery

Salya Chikitsa or Surgery is an integral part of the Ashtanga (eight branches) of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Surgery deals with extraction of foreign bodies, treatment of vitiated ulcers and diseases that requires surgical and para-surgical management.

Shalya Tantra is one of the important branches of Ayurveda in which surgical and parasurgical techniques has described for management of various diseases.

Sushrutha, the father of surgery has scientifically classified and well explained various surgical procedures performed by non surgical items or instruments in absence of surgical instruments. Kshara karma,Kshara Sutra, Agnikarma, Siravyadaha,Jalukavacharana (leech Therapy) etc for different disease condition like fissure,fistula,piles, pilinoidal sinus,non healing wounds etc.

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Ayurveda is the science of life that is fortified through age-old medicinal healing techinques. Soushruthi Clinic is a well-equipped Ayurvedic facility, which specialises in a niche area of Ayurvedic para-surgical treatments apart from its reputed wellness and beauty treatments.

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