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Skin Care (Varnya), Hair Care (Kesya), Eye Care (Netra Prasadana), Anjana Therapy (Collirium), Dry Skin Treatment (Oil Massage), AcneMmanagement (Youvana Pidaka Nasana), Foot Care (Vipadika Hara Yoga), Cosmetic Correction of Scar Tissue, Alopecia Treatment (Indraluptha Nasana), Dandruff (Darunaka Cikitsa), Weight Reduction Packages (Tharpanam)

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Ayurveda is the science of life that is fortified through age-old medicinal healing techinques. Soushruthi Clinic is a well-equipped Ayurvedic facility, which specialises in a niche area of Ayurvedic para-surgical treatments apart from its reputed wellness and beauty treatments.

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